Our mission is to make being fit more fun and savings less boring

We built NIFTY because traditional financial systems have let us down

Record high inflation, market volatility & low interest rates


Inflation rate


ASX/200 YTD Return


BTC YTD Return

Savings accounts now only paying 0.07% your money is going backwards faster than ever
Returns based until Aug 22

There's a better way...

Right now there is a systemic shift challenging the big bank and old ways of money.

Decentralised exchanges are connecting the world of money making it more transparent, efficient, safe and favourable to the end user.
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From the founders

We've been obsessed with Tech and seeing how great products make positive impacts on peoples lives.

Our experience includes consumer tech and private funds that have generated stable returns over the years.
Seeing this, we wanted to bring our investment model to everyone, but make it fun & rewarding, because less face it savings accounts aren't that exciting.

So we set out to build NIFTY with the mission of helping people earn a high rate of return & be rewarded for being active & contribute to carbon offset activities. Welcome to NIFTY

Dallas & James

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